The Hot Girl At The Gym

I absolutely LOVE girls that use the gym. In fact, I shouldn’t even call them girls. WOMEN is more appropriate.

A chick that actually takes the time out of her day to go work-out and take care of her body is a girl that you got to be extra careful with.  She’s got the goods under those clothes and knows she’s a hard nut to crack. Regardless who you are, you will not stand a chance approaching her unless your game is tight or your celebrity surpasses Hugh Jackman’s.

You can’t be using the same material you use at the clubs, bars or grocery stores.  Sure girls get hit on ad nauseum at the club, but they expect it to happen.  A girl that uses the gym is totally not expecting a guy to charm her up with his macking skills.  Her shield is so strong, NORAD could stash their defense secrets with her.

Difficult, but not impregnable

The key is simple.  Like any intelligence agent, we’re going to sow a seed that will grow into a flower.  You need to understand that you have time on your side.  Ignore your manly urges for a while.

Build rapport and develop chemistry

Unless her membership is set to expire in a week, you can easily work on her. This is a long-term project, much like your body.  Creating an appropriate plan of attack is the only way you’ll get her back to your pad (or your parent’s pad).

Stick out

A girl at the gym will be CONSTANTLY hit on by the guys there.  The best way for you to stick out is to fly under the radar.  Don’t be pushy.  Make light jokes about the guys hitting on her, and always leave her on a high.  Remember, the idea is to go slow.  She’ll be returning to do the gym everyday that she plans on working out.  Missed her one day? Don’t cry about it, you’ll catch her again soon.

The exchange

Once the rapport has been built and you’ve developed chemistry with your lights jokes and thrown in some sexual tension, the time has come make the next move.  This is critical, however, it’s difficult to say when it opens up.  Every situation with a new girl will be different, there’s no panacea that exists.  You will feel it as long as you’ve ignored your immediate manly urges.  Remember, you’re Don Juan, caveman skills don’t work here.  Offer to grab a shake at the juice bar and discuss making future plans or suggest an engagement that will be light and a good time to be social.  Don’t make the engagement a dinner date or something movie.  Be creative, but more importantly make it appear like it isn’t a date!

Plan B

So you tried your luck and she turned you down.  No harm.  Hopefully you didn’t make an ass out of yourself and flame out terribly.  Look at the bright side, at least you made a friend.  Work your magic further and maybe if she considers you cool enough, she’ll invite you out for a night with her friends.  That’s when you can really work your magic on her girlfriends.

All in all, the key to approaching gym hens is to TAKE YOUR TIME.  Light conversation is important. She came to the gym to work-out.  Guys hit on her all the time there because they have cement for brains.  Use these tips, stick out and when that bud comes to fruition, deflower it!

(photo credit: rafaelfernandofiedler)

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