How dangerous is working out?

There’s a lot of stuff that can go wrong when you work out. Obviously working out with incorrect form will lead to injuries. But what are some other things that can go wrong in a gym?

1) A barbell breaking on you
Maybe the bars defective. Maybe you tossed on more weight than the damn bar can handle. Regardless of the cause, you’re going to be in a whole heap of trouble if the bar collapses on you. There’s two things you can do to combat this, inspect the bar you’re using isn’t showing too much bend. Because let’s face it, the gym isn’t for your personal playground; there’s many other people. You can’t trust every bar you pick up. And what if the bar can’t support the stack of 45 lbs. you’re about to toss on it? Check the specs of the bar or ask a gym employee to help you out.
2) Too focused on the mirrors
This is why working out rocks. You can have the pudgiest body in the world, but the feeling of blood pumping through your aching muscles will give anyone the sense of being THE MAN. WHOOOOO!! So what can go wrong? While flexing your biceps or extending your arms to check out your physique, maybe you might accidentally smack the guy next to you. And maybe you might have interrupted his work-out. And maybe, just maybe, he’s about to have an episode of ‘roid rage. You’ll definitely want to start looking for the emergency exit at that point. Next time, be aware of your surroundings before you start trying out your best Mr. Olympia poses.
3) Distracted by the hot chicks
Let’s be realistic, most guys have wandering eyes. Especially with an attractive girl in the vicinity. You want to catch the eye of the hot girl at the gym so you’re either trying to catch her gaze or working out near her. Some guys will even work out in a girl’s personal space. Definitely a great way to scare her off. So what can go wrong with being too eager to meet a girl at the gym? Well, for once, while walking and checking out a girl, you might smash your head into a piece of gym equipment. I’ve seen it happen on more than one occasion. High comedy right there for everyone who catches it. Solution? Keep yourself focused on the gym, Don Juan.
4) A drive -by shooting
Farfetched? You bet. But this actually happened at the gym I go to. Now I don’t know the reasons for it, but I like to think that someone just got too jealous about another person’s physique that they felt like lashing out in a ridiculous way. Violence has no place anywhere, let alone the gym. But whether it’s a drive-by shooting or someone attacking you unexpectedly it’s best to be on your aware of your surroundings. When you work-out, people may begin to get jealous and either try and insult you or bring you down. Take it all in stride, because whose got the better body? Numero Uno. That’s who.


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