No Ballys Fitness Locations Near You? No Problem

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend. This person was quick to bring up how he wanted to get into training but he just couldn’t find a gym near his home.

There are many free fitness programs all around us.

Here’s a free fitness program that I use all of the time when I’m away from the gym (usually travelling or when there’s a damn snow storm in Canada).

Free fitness programs allow you to train anywhere that you find yourself.

What’s the best free fitness program?

Instead of wasting value time by looking all over the internet for fitness programs, why not create your own?

Below I share the exercises that you need to create your own free fitness program. Are you ready? To make things easier I’ve attached a YouTube for every exercise that I recommend so that you can figure out how to do it.

Jumping squats.

If you get bored of basic squats or if you don’t have any weights at home you can try the jumping squats. You simply jump on your way up. The burn starts to kill after about ten of these bad boys. If you want to challenge yourself even more you can do jumping squats onto a bench or any other areas at your local park or in the backyard.

Watch the jumping squat video.

Push ups.

There are a million ways that you can completely burn you chest with push ups. Let’s share my favorites:

  • Two minute push ups. See how many you can do on your living room floor in two minutes. Keep track of the number and try to improve it every time you get it a shot.
  • Go for a max number. I try to do 50 push ups every day before I go to sleep. How many will you do before sleep today?

Watch how to do push ups.

Hindu push ups.

When you want a little stronger burn I recommend that you check out Hindu push ups. These are much more intense than your ordinary push ups. Try starting off by doing ten in a row and move your way up.

Watch how you can do Hindu push ups.

The Beep Test (no video).

I highly recommend that you download the beep test and put it on your iPod. This is the best cardio exercise. All you need is a place to run with 20 metres apart. You set up two points and you run to the points. Trust me it’s not easy. If you make it to level 10 then you should considered yourself a stud.

This is a very basic free fitness program. It’s all good. If you stay tuned I promise you that we’ll impress you. We’re currently working on creating a killer home training program. Try this out and track your progress. I promise you that if you pull off these four exercises today you’ll be thanking me (well, cursing me when your chest is burning).

Instead of making up excuses and claiming that there’s no Bally Fitness locations near you, you can create your own fitness program and get your ass into shape before the year ends. What are you waiting for?

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