Fitness New Year’s Resolution

What’s the easiest thing to do when a new year begins? Making a resolution.

What’s the hardest thing to do for that same year? Sticking to that resolution.

January is perhaps the most profitable month for gyms. Countless of out-of-shape people sign up for memberships at your local gym to fulfill their commitment to the age-old New Years’ resolution of staying/getting in shape. If you’re a gym regular you’ve witnessed these masses of out-of-shape people appear every January. And you’ve also know that the blubbery masses vanish 3 weeks later.

Gyms need to make money, too

This is how gyms stay in the black. Not because of the really serious champs that come to train but the out-of-shape chumps that sign up for yearlong memberships and stop showing up. It’s like a charitable donation without the tax break. Even those Nigerian princes you get elaborate emails from know better than to do that. All you’re doing is throwing money at the fake promise getting yourself in shape. Might as well buy Dr. Ho’s Ab Trimmer, it’s much cheaper and at least you can sit and watch TV while it builds you a six-pack.

The problem with these people is that they’re jumping into the deep-end of a pool without knowing how to swim. It’s a brand new year, they’ve got their “new” resolution and their gym membership and now they are ready to make some drastic changes to their life (see New Years’ resolution 2011, 2010, 2009…). So what happens? A few things, but it all ends the same: they give up.

They lose focus. Don’t see results fast enough. They revert back to their comfort of laziness. They don’t know what exercises to do or get intimidated by the true Training Sharks. The excuses are many but the end is the same. That’s why we only see these people show up to the gym in January. They’re like blue moons.

Take a moment and be honest with yourself. Are you one of “those” people? Do you make the same resolution year after year but give up before February rolls around? Just like Alcoholics Anonymous, the first step is acceptance.

You strolled into the gym, saw the exorbitant cost of a month to month membership, and allowed the sales reps to talk you into buying a yearlong membership because the monthly cost is lower so blindly signed on the dotted line. You see, they know you won’t come often. And since it is their job to sell memberships, why not take you for all you got?

You should have taken it easy, sailor

Instead of buying a year’s worth of a membership so that you can take advantage of the latest promotion, settle for going month to month. You pay less up front and if you stop going altogether you’re short around $70 for that one month. That sounds fair.

Or better yet, why not start off by working out at home. This works best because not only can you start getting into the habit of sticking to your New Year’s resolution of getting in shape, you can also avoid the crowds of January gym members. Once you’ve began working out a few times a week and turned it into a habit, you can go to the gym near the end of January when the crowds are back to normal and sign up for a membership then.

But what if you already bought a membership for a year and after doing some soul searching you’ve come to the sobering realization that you will give up in 3 weeks? Well, my friend, the time has come for things to get serious.

Because for 2012, it’s time for you to become a Training Shark.


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