How You Can Destroy Your Junk Food Addiction

Mmm there’s nothing more delicious than a Snickers chocolate bar or a BigMac combo from McDonalds. It’s a great feeling to indulge in some junk food. It’s so rewarding to have a big snack after a long day.

Then it happens. That feeling of guilt and shame. That feeling where you realize that your workout was a waste of time since you concluded it with a slice of fresh pizza or an order of fries. You spent an hour at the gym working your ass off to burn calories and now you threw it all away with a stupid snack. Isn’t that ridiculous? All of that hard work gone to shame. Eating junk food is and always will be a killer on your diet and your fitness goals.

We all know what we should be doing. The problem is that very few of us are actually doing this. We all know that junk food is bad for you. I’m not going to be some prick that tells you how bad it is because this won’t help. Cigarette companies have disclaimers on packs and people are still smoking. Eating junk food is an emotional move. It’s not something that we do logically.

Let’s at how you can destroy your junk food addiction. This is the ultimate guide for everyone out there that wants to stop eating so much junk food right now:

Understand that eating junk food is a time killer.

Do you really need to eat that crap or are you just killing time? The odds are that you’re just killing time by eating snacks. Whenever we don’t feel like doing work we do something random. Some of us will go for a smoke, some will stalk girls on Facebook, and most of us will have a snack. Having a snack is the easy thing to do because it doesn’t involve much effort and it tastes so damn good. Preparing a decent meal actually requires effort. Who wants to put in work when you’re avoiding work? Most of us have a snack to kill time.

How this can help you: understand that you’re snacking to kill time. Instead of snacking, bust out a few pushups or go for a walk.

Take pictures of what you eat.

Use your smart phone to take a pic of all the crap that you eat. Every time you have a bag of Doritos or eat some crap you need to take a picture. This way after a few days you’ll see how much junk you put into your body. This is the same body that you’re going to have for the rest of your life. Do you really want to treat it like that? Do you put sugar in the gas tank of your car? Didn’t think so.

How this can help you: actually seeing what you eat is a harsh reality check. You’ll feel worse and worse until you eventually destroy that annoying junk food addiction.

Take a picture of your gut and hang it up in your room.

You know that bulbous gut that you’re sick of? Post a picture of it in your room so that you have to see it every single day. At random times throughout the day you’ll be reminded of what you need to work on.

How this can help you: you need to visualize your goals. Seeing a picture of your big gut every single day will remind you that you need to get to work!

Have a cheat day every week.

This is key. This isn’t Alcoholics Anonymous were you pledge to never drink again. With your nutrition you need to remember that balance is everything. You can’t always eat well. It’s just not natural. I don’t know how anyone can eat perfectly every single day. Actually I don’t know anyone that eats clean all of the time. It’s just impossible (and BORING).

How does a weekly cheat day work? All week you do your damn best (I know you can do it) to eat well. Whenever you get a craving for junk food you need to write it down on your cell phone. After 5 days this list will add up. Trust me that this list will have all sorts of junk on it. Then when day 7 comes around, you can pig out. You can eat anything that you want. You get your junk food fix and your junk food craving out of the way. Isn’t that beautiful?

How this can help you: you get all of your junk food cravings out of your system. The goal is to completely pig out and indulge as much as possible. After a cheat day you’re not going to want to see a snack for a few weeks.

Are you ready to finally slap that junk food addiction in the fucking face?


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