Reasons To Not Exercise

Sure, you’re told to keep fit and exercise from a variety of sources (usually doctors and the government, but those reasons are always because of self-interest), so is exercising really all what it’s cracked out to be? Let’s take a look at some so called benefits.

Makes you (and your body) look good

I hear . . . → Read More: Reasons To Not Exercise

How dangerous is working out?

There’s a lot of stuff that can go wrong when you work out. Obviously working out with incorrect form will lead to injuries. But what are some other things that can go wrong in a gym?

1) A barbell breaking on you Maybe the bars defective. Maybe you tossed on more weight than the damn . . . → Read More: How dangerous is working out?

Health and Wellness Programs

For those of you that are given company benefits, have you actually taken the time to flip through the pages of the benefits that you are entitled to? You would be positively aglow at the recent trend of what benefits companies are providing to their employees.

One company that I used to work for would . . . → Read More: Health and Wellness Programs

What Can A Fitness Site Do For You?

We live in an age where we can find almost any piece of information online. Questions that might pop up in our heads can be entered into a search engine that will provide us with an answer. In this time we no longer need to reference a fitness magazine or ask our local fitness instructor . . . → Read More: What Can A Fitness Site Do For You?

100 Words on the Placebo Effect of Supplements

Before you take supplements chances are that you’ll quickly glance at the instructions. The instructions will usually mention that you need to keep a strict diet and train hard while taking the supplement. Don’t you always need to keep a tight diet and train hard as a fitness freak?

Supplements do something to us.

Since . . . → Read More: 100 Words on the Placebo Effect of Supplements

Tattoos vs Muscles

Tattoos are overplayed. When I was kid I’d see a tattoo and think of how badass it was. And why was that? Because the usual culprits would be clad in them: bikers, veterans and inmates. But these days, with everyone and their grandmother getting tattoos done, the originality of a tattoo has been lost . . . → Read More: Tattoos vs Muscles

Gym Fashion

After last week’s great piece on getting fit by MD (something that you should still be chewing over), we’re going to get back into the swing of things with a short but sweet thought. Perhaps this is something that’s preoccupying your mind and preventing you from becoming a Training Shark. If not, at least . . . → Read More: Gym Fashion

The Hot Girl At The Gym

I absolutely LOVE girls that use the gym. In fact, I shouldn’t even call them girls. WOMEN is more appropriate.

A chick that actually takes the time out of her day to go work-out and take care of her body is a girl that you got to be extra careful with. She’s got the . . . → Read More: The Hot Girl At The Gym