How dangerous is working out?

There’s a lot of stuff that can go wrong when you work out. Obviously working out with incorrect form will lead to injuries. But what are some other things that can go wrong in a gym?

1) A barbell breaking on you Maybe the bars defective. Maybe you tossed on more weight than the damn . . . → Read More: How dangerous is working out?

Health and Wellness Programs

For those of you that are given company benefits, have you actually taken the time to flip through the pages of the benefits that you are entitled to? You would be positively aglow at the recent trend of what benefits companies are providing to their employees.

One company that I used to work for would . . . → Read More: Health and Wellness Programs

Fitness New Year’s Resolution

What’s the easiest thing to do when a new year begins? Making a resolution.

What’s the hardest thing to do for that same year? Sticking to that resolution.

January is perhaps the most profitable month for gyms. Countless of out-of-shape people sign up for memberships at your local gym to fulfill their commitment to the . . . → Read More: Fitness New Year’s Resolution